Shiran Ben Abderrazak
CEO of the Rambourg Foundation

As a cultural engineer and creative economics and cultural diplomacy expert, my mission is to make the Rambourg Foundation a major national and regional player in the creative economy, art and culture; support the development and the structuring of these sectors to promote the creation and creators of our country; to allow as many people as possible to have access to culture and education through territorial development and fair international cooperation, these are the challenges that with my team and with the support of the Board of the Foundation we we strive to carry out day after day.

Molka Haj Salem
General coordinator

Graduated in architecture, I joined the foundation in 2016. My mission is to establish the link between the executive direction of the Foundation and the teams responsible for managing and implementing our programs and projects. My role is also to ensure the smooth running of the Foundation by overseeing the work of the various project managers.

Nabiha El Aid
Financial and administrative manager

Graduated in marketing, I accompanied the Foundation from its beginnings especially for the project "L’éveil D’une Nation" in 2016. I am responsible for assisting the CEO as well as the general coordinator in management and administrative organization and financial support of the Rambourg Foundation and its projects. My role is mainly focused on external relations (suppliers, beneficiaries, applicants, service providers) as well as the management of calls and contracts / quotations / invoices within specific deadlines. Given the variety of tasks, a good systematic approach as well as self-discipline and autonomy, are essential for accomplishing my mission.

Souha Masri
Assistante CEO

Graduated in Political and Administrative Sciences, my mission is to assist the CEO in the administrative management. I am responsible for keeping his agenda, processing mail, writing minutes of meetings, organizing meetings, travels and archiving all his documents.

Souheila Ghorbel
Project manager

Civil engineer, I joined the Foundation in 2019. I am responsible for the good management of the projects. I develop the strategic planning phases and the outlines of the project and submit to the executive director the project feasibility file that I must defend. Once this step is validated by the management, I am the main responsible for the respect of the deadlines, the costs and the quality of the projects implemented by the Rambourg Foundation. I also ensure the proper delivery of project deliverables as well as monitoring reports and dashboards throughout the life of the project. I am the principal contact for the general coordinator regarding the projects I am in charge of.

Sarah Ben Hafsia
Project manager

Graduated in Marketing Research, I am currently a project and advocacy officer at the Rambourg Foundation. My mission is to ensure the successful delivery of the Foundation’s projects for which I am responsible, in accordance with the project management cycle that goes from strategic planning to final delivery and project monitoring. I work organically with all members of the team to bring together the different skills that are also complementary. In addition, as an advocate, I’m in charge of the implementation of advocacy actions for the status of the artist bill by organizing each stage of the actions and ensuring the proper coordination of the different actors.

Nesrine Limem
Communication manager

Graduated in marketing, I joined the Foundation in 2019. My communication skills allow me to highlight the key role of the Foundation in the development of the cultural and artistic sector in Tunisia. I am responsible for the development and implementation of the various communication strategies and policies of the Foundation for its various projects. My mission is to organize, implement and improve communication actions. I am also responsible for the promotion and evolution of the Foundation’s image.

Kais Dhifi
Artistic Director

Artistic Director, I joined the Rambourg Foundation in 2018.  My mission consists of supervising the different elements of the communication campaign, according to the communication strategy and the choice of the media facilities.  I enhance the identity of the Foundation by choosing the nature of the image, the typography of the texts and the hierarchy of information. I am therefore responsible for the visual identity of the Foundation and its consistency across all media materials.

Ilyes Gaidi
Audio-visual Director

Director in training, visual artist and image reporter, I joined the Rambourg Foundation in 2017. 
My mission is to illustrate different communication supports, and I collaborate in the audiovisual coverage of events undertaken by the Foundation.  I conceive, implement and pilot projects related to the image of the Foundation by taking and managing the shots as well as the photographs.
I perfectly master audiovisual tools a well as  the techniques of production, filming, editing and post production on all formats.

Adly Aouni

A graduate in multimedia computer graphics, I also hold a degree in Professional Photography that I completed in Canada. I joined the Foundation in April 2018. 
My mission consists of shooting according to locations and technical settings (light, framing, focusing, speed ...)
In short, I master all the technical parameters of photography.
I make sure I understand the objectives of the Foundation so as to enhance the subject or event photographed, in order to meet its expectations by ensuring that I understand the projects and ambitions undertaken by the Rambourg Foundation .

Yasmine Ben Ghachem
Communication manager

Having graduated in English language, literature and civilization, I joined the Rambourg Foundation in 2019 after studying marketing and communication. My function is to lead transversal projects designed to foster internal cooperation. I design and set up systems for monitoring and collecting the expectations of "internal clients": management, operational staff and interns. I also contribute to the development of means of measuring internal communication actions.