The Rambourg Foundation Prize for Contemporary Art

The Rambourg Foundation has decided to postpone the final deadline for submission to the Rambourg Foundation prize for contemporary art. The deadline to submit applications has been extended from 15 July to 15 September. The full calendar for the 2020 Prize will be announced soon.

Reasoned Cartography of Tunisian Crafts

This project is a research project which purpose is to produce a dematerialized mapping of the handcraft object and is divided into several phases of research and investigation.

The rise of a nation, art at the dawn of a modern Tunisia (1837 - 1881)

This exhibition, the first of its kind in Tunisia, allowed Tunisians to reconnect with a part forgotten in their modern history and through art history of the nineteenth century.

Cultural center of arts & crafts of jbel semmama

At the top of Semmama mountain, the cultural center is a place that allows both cultural action and dedicated action to the mountain culture.

Rambourg Foundation Prize for Art and Culture (2016 - 2018)

The Rambourg Foundation Prize for Art and Culture rewards respectively five categories of young creative people. The goal is to support young artists who, despite their talent, do not benefit from any support.

CIIE Shanghai

For the first time in its history, China has made the decision to open up its import market. On this occasion, The Rambourg foundation participated in the international fair in Shanghai to promote Tunisian crafts.