Support program for Tunisian crafts: The end of the field surveys
carte FRONAT
Today marks the closure of the field surveys regarding the support program for Tunisian crafts in partnership with ONAT, in order to produce a dematerialized map of the handicraft object.

Under the supervision and scientific expertise of Mr. Abderrahman Ayoub, a team of researchers traveled across Tunisia to consolidate and update the diagnosis of trades and know-how which will subsequently make it possible to produce a digital and scalable database accessible through an online platform and will allow users to have access, among other things, to a directory of craftsmen and the know-how of excellence.

The realization of these surveys made it possible to cover the entire Tunisian territory with an investment of more than 225,500,00 Tunisian Dinars. The final restitution of the investigations results is being finalized. The results will soon be communicated through the reasoned cartography platform of the craft object.