June 4,2020


Within the framework of the professionalization of the creative and cultural sector, the bill n ° 104/2017 relating to the artist and the artistic trades adopted by the Ministerial Council on December 6, 2017 and submitted to the Chamber of Deputies, raised strong critical reactions highlighting the shared concerns regarding the restrictive orientation of the text. The regulatory systems are therefore, contested by a large majority of actors in the creative and cultural sector. Beyond the legal framework governing all the legal rules which delimit the activities and behaviors of professionals in the artistic profession, it would be relevant to recall that an artist status is above all an explicit recognition of the State , its role, which guarantees its rights to freedom of artistic expression and to cultural action, as well as its duties as a citizen.

October 28,2020

The Rambourg Foundation Prize calendar 2020-2021

September 12,2020

With the support of L'Art Rue, the Quatuor Cadences, the clarinetist Youssef Messaoudi and the virtuoso Selma Barouni, the Rambourg Foundation organized an educational concert of cla

July 21,2020

Under the supervision and scientific expertise of Mr.

July 6,2020

This exchange program aims to revive the Tunisian heritage by bringing together young couturiers, pattern makers, designers and embroiderers from Raf Raf, Ras Jbal and Ghar El Meleh who w

June 18,2020

In addition to the health crisis marked by quarantine measures which have almost stopped global production, the w

May 21,2020

During the Corona times, the stages of the whole world are empty.

May 15,2020

The contest "The confinement journal" is an initiative undertaken by the Rambourg Foundation following the health crisis witnessed by the whole world, and which consequently, pu

April 3,2020

Following the health crisis, the envelope of the new budget line "Fondation Rambourg Grants 2020" dedicated to the funding of cultural projects will be entirely donated to the C

April 1,2020

In view of the exceptional circumstances and the impossibility of maintaining the projects on the ground for an indefinite period, the board of directors of the Rambourg Foundation has ag

March 20,2020

Under this once-in-a-century pandemic hitting the world economy, saddled with record levels of debt and followed by official government measure for enforced closure, hundreds of concerts,