Memory of gestures and knowledge sharing


February 19,2020

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February 28,2020


February 29,2020

Projections, stories of experiences and meeting with Antonin Simon, artist designer and performer.

Molka Haj Salem
+216. 71 781 467

Status: Closed


The Rambourg Foundation Tunisia organizes a day open to the general public around meetings and discussions, on February 29 th. They will be an opportunity to discover the different artistic practices, the creative approaches and the journey of three renowned artists, each working in different specialties.
These three exchanges are part of a broader reflection, it is about questioning and crossing the experiences, approaches and points of view of these artist researchers.

Saturday February 29, 2020, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m:

Memory of gestures and knowledge sharing
Projections, stories of experiences and meeting

Speaker: Antonin Simon Giraudet

Artist, Performer and Designer, Antonin SIMON GIRAUDET alias Octo / Arcane tells a universe carrying turbulent symbolism to erect body-icons in which weave the codes of the strange and modern mythologies. His practice consists in embodying typological characters in sculptural silhouettes, supernatural effigies of the musical scene and the Game. It is through them that the performative character of the garment is defended in his work. Lyricism, absurd and surrealism coexist in his clothing proposals with artifacts drawn from industrial imagery, thereby achieving a chimerical desire to open a breach for the "Creatures" in everyday normativity. He thus developed a very particular affection for the textile built in the form, and the ennobling of the materials as the basis of creation of the garment. The work of the hand on the textile becomes in its achievements a logic of construction.

Memory of gestures and knowledge sharing
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